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Lose Weight This Year With The Diet Solution Program

Is one of your goals for the New Year to lose weight? Are you hoping to get in shape FAST-but in a healthy way? Weight loss is usually one of the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions people make… EVERY YEAR. Finally achieve your goals this year with a program designed to help you shed pounds without starving yourself or costing you lots of time and money.Turn your weight loss “resolution” into a “solution” with The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios.Does that sound too good to be true?Well, it IS too good to be true. The facts show that when people take on a weight loss or diet program:- they DO starve by cutting out whole food groups, skipping breakfast, following the latest and greatest “lose weight fast” program.- they DO spend A LOT of time trying to diet, writing things down, going to weight-loss meetings, heading to the gym, finding the newest exercise fad that promises “you’ll lose inches in weeks”.- and they DO spend A LOT of money on joining a gym with monthly fees anywhere from $10.00 to $60.00 EACH month, even those weight loss meetings cost money. Diet pills are costly and most are unsafe and unnecessary.Does even just one of the above sound like something you’ve done or tried before?I’m here to tell you that it does NOT have to be this way. How do I know? I know because I decided to take a test drive of a program I found online called The Diet Solution Program. It almost should not use the word “diet” in its title, as it’s really a solution, a healthy eating lifestyle program. All for the cost of a one month of gym membership-and my two feet to exercise with, I obtained a program that contains everything needed to lose weight. I found it is possible to begin losing weight fast by following a healthy regimen of the right foods and the right exercise. I was impressed with fact I was able to purchase the program online and download it immediately.The key to success is having everything you need in one place at the time YOU need it. Most people find themselves with the best of intentions. “I’m gonna lose weight this year no matter what!” and go to the gym only to find they aren’t quite sure of what exactly will work for them and what will not work for them. So for the first few weeks, they do what they THINK will work while never really knowing if it is enough or IF it work at all.After the gym, they go food shopping and buy items that are listed as “diet” and “healthy” food, like frozen diet entrees. These foods are highly processed and really don’t help you to fuel your body for energy and sustenance. As soon as you stop eating “diet” foods, the weight comes back. One of the foods many people are told they need to give up to lose weight is the whole food group of carbohydrates. People give up all bread and pasta, etc… THEN they find they are exhausted and cannot continue on their weight loss journey. Frustration sets in, and well, it doesn’t get any better. But The Diet Solution Program shows you how you can still eat carbohydrates and lose weight.The Diet Program Solution by Isabel De Los Rios, an exercise and nutrition specialist with 10+ years of experience as a certified nutrition and fitness professional. This is an online program that you can download (Yay! You can have it with you all the time!) and follow without going to meetings, or worse, feeling like you are on your own. The Diet Program Solution really IS a solution because the manual covers everything you need to lose weight and achieve your goals. You can adapt her teaching to YOUR daily life and activities and food likes.Losing weight is not the easiest thing to do, but it does NOT have to be the hardest either. I couldn’t review a program without trying it first. About a year ago, I tried a VERY strict eating plan (let’s just say the food “cabbage” was in it), and I could barely manage to do the recommended 3-5 times a week of 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise. Needless to say, after about two weeks, I was done. My job and life at the time got incredible busy, so I was now also eating out more often. I watched infomercials at 3am (like I said, my life got busy and I had odd hours), and just did not trust ordering from the television.I decided to search on the internet. When I found the Diet Solution Program, it interested me A LOT. I did NOT order right away. I read a review and checked out the site-just like you are doing now. I watched Isabel’s videos. She is definitely knowledgeable on the subject of weight loss and did not seem to be making promises of the “seas parting” and losing 20 pounds in one month Frankly, the program seemed, well, MANAGEABLE. Throw in the 60-day guaranteed refund if I wasn’t happy, and I figured it was a lot easier than other options I had tried and certainly worth looking into.I started the program about 3 months ago and I have lost 16 pounds to date. Is it a ton of weight loss? No, but its better than the usual 1-2 pounds and the bigger point here is that I’M LOSING WEIGHT IN A HEALTHY WAY-FINALLY! I’m noticing a difference. The Diet Solution Program is manageable! YIPPEE! I walk 3 times a week and feel pretty good. I’d recommend adding some more exercise… but I’m off to a great start because her program really lets me eat (I LOVE FOOD!) A 15 pound weight loss can mean more of your wardrobe fitting. There are tons of testimonials on the website that really attest to the fact that YOU LOSE WEIGHT ON THE DIET SOLUTION PROGRAM. I haven’t even used all of the teaching that the program provides yet. I’m still just as busy as I was-my schedule hasn’t changed… but my lifestyle has changed and I have more energy to get through the day and YOU WILL TOO. I found myself mostly fascinated with how the author taught me that I have a metabolic type and need to eat according to my “type”. There are three types – carbohydrate, protein and mixed.The Diet Program Solution contains the following:A fully detailed MANUAL that explains how to apply the knowledge she is going to educate you with. The manual is a comprehensive tool to be read and referred to over and over again. You’ll learn HOW to eat the right foods (yes, even yummy foods) and lose weight. She takes the “diet” out of the plan and educates the reader on what to eat and how to combine foods for the healthiest way to actually see results on the scale!The proper food lists and meal plans for each and every day to guide you. Fresh vegetables and fruits are an important component of the plan (I’d be wary of any plan that DOESN’T promote these food groups!)Grocery store shopping lists – Go armed to the supermarket with these and it will be easy to bypass that frozen meal section! It’s also a huge time-saver.A full recipe program is included that pulls it all together for you so you won’t be wondering what to eat. For example, I personally have a sweet tooth for cranberry sauce-especially around ahem, “certain” holidays (gobble, gobble anyone?). I always buy a couple of cans. Now I have learned through this program how easy it is to make sweet, fresh cranberry sauce by using little more than fresh cranberries and water! To me, this is an example of the biggest “take-away” from the program. You can still eat your favorite foods by learning from Isabel how to eat them properly(not from a can). I’m sure you will also find an “a-ha” moment for some of your favorites as well.If you think carbohydrates are off-limits on this plan – you are wrong. The Diet Solution Program includes carbohydrates-the right ones. This program is a well-rounded eating plan that will leave you feeling like you are just changing your style of eating to a healthier one. This is not a deprivation diet, although it’s important to follow what the author guides you to eat.If you can handle the side effect of having more energy (a bonus I wasn’t expecting!), you will find yourself getting creative and making new recipes from the foods the diet teaches you about because both the food and what Isabel teaches you about eating just really makes it all “click” and you’ll actually ENJOY eating right. I really think if this is the year you want to lose weight while getting healthier, then you need to research this plan and find out if it’s right for you.You’ll be able to cross “lose weight” off of your New Year’s Resolution To-Do list once and for all.Jo McCarthy is 20+ year marketing veteran who focuses her life on living in a healthy way and wants to share her knowledge and journey with others.You are more than welcome to reprint this article as long as the text remains unchanged and you include the “Author Bio”. Pass on the good news that there really is a program to lose weight that actually advocates eating.

An Inside Look at the Importance of a Smile in Sales

If you’re in sales, then you’ve probably heard all sorts of advice, from “don’t oversell” to “focus on solving problems.” However, one of the best pieces of advice that many forget is to smile! After all, your smile is one of the first features people notice about you, and it plays an essential role in the first impression you make. Keep reading to learn all about the importance of a smile in sales (as well as how cosmetic dentistry can help!).

Smile: Your Sale Depends on It!

Knowing your product and knowing your audience are key in sales. However, you don’t get far if your client doesn’t trust you or believe you. That’s why it’s so important to make a good first impression! Here are a few ways a smile can help:

• Smiling is more powerful than you might think – One study found that smiling has the same effect on our brain as $25,000 in cash!

• Smiling communicates your state of mind – Smiling is a non-verbal cue that you are happy to be where you are, that you are confident in your product, and that you are ready and willing to help.

• Smiling creates a ripple effect of positivity – Have you ever seen a friend yawn and done the same? Or seen someone take a sip of water and immediately realized you’re thirsty? Thanks to the mirroring neurons in our brains, we naturally mimic the behavior of those around us.

But What If You Don’t Like Your Smile?

If you don’t like your smile, don’t worry – that’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in. Whether you’re struggling with misaligned, misshapen, cracked, or otherwise imperfect teeth, your smile goals aren’t out of reach. The first step? Scheduling an appointment with a skilled cosmetic dentist. For both my father and myself, providing high-quality, personalized, and judgment-free dentistry is a passion. There’s truly nothing better than seeing someone walk out of our office with a dazzling, confident smile! So, don’t wait to make your dream smile a reality – it could make all of the difference when it comes to your personal and professional life!